Ugly Sister Productions

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4 writers. 4 new plays. 1 chance to get you hooked. Chapter 2 is when the story really unfolds....


The money raised will contribute towards paying a set fee to all involved, enabling the creative teams to focus on the writing and the performances only - no distractions


Ugly Sister Productions create high quality work that tells a story. Primarily a company focusing on quality writing, regardless of writer’s age, experience or reputation; the company aim to build a home for the very best of the writer’s craft.

Current Position 

We are a registered not for profit company and are currently completely unfunded. We have donated some of our production costs keeping our costs down. We are raising money to pay all involved in this project, allowing everyone to focus on making this work the best they possibly can and allowing them to focus their time and talents.

The Future 

The long term future for the company would be to create its own eco system of new writing. Writers would follow a whole journey - The Story Project, through to Chapter 2 and then to full length production.


We already have success stories that have arrived as a direct result of people being part of a Story Project company. Our most recent success is Lee Mattinson (writer) who met and worked with Ng Choon Ping (director) on Story Project 4, have gone on to win the Sue Hodgkiss Award which offers a theatre maker of outstanding promise the chance to direct a new piece of work – by a writer of their choice – in a production fully supported by the Royal Exchange Theatre. 

Both Emily Juniper (writer) and Gareth Jandrell (writer) worked with Mark Leipacher (Director) and have been commissioned by Mark’s company Faction Theatre to adapt plays for their rep season. Several actors have been offered work by directors they have worked with during these projects as well.

The reason this project is successful in networking and providing opportunities for emerging talent is because people work together forming quick working relationships, collaborating to create an evening of high quality new writing. 

We seek out and try and see as much emerging talent as we can find. People we have worked with have gone on to win awards, and be working in some of the most exciting theatres in the country.


This is the next stage of our work. Having run a pilot version and then tested, developed and worked on new writing across five years, we feel confident in applying for funding for a really exciting opportunity for all involved. We are asking you to support a project we know works and we believe in.