Tyreese Gordon

Sports - Tennis

My talent is tennis, and my goal is to be a high ranked tennis player. I would like to play at Wimbledon or the US open and around the world


The money will be used to buy tennis rackets, tennis bags, tennis clothing, coaching sessions, travel and paying for tournaments.


I started out playing tennis in 2011 in London with my Uncle at the local park. I managed to join a club at Sports city's Manchester Tennis and Football Centre in the beginners group. My coach noticed my talent and within 8 months he decided to move me to the B squad, where I train twice a week for 3 hours. My mum finds it difficult to enter all available tournaments due to lack of funds.

Current Position

My current LTA rating is a 9.2 and I try to achieve a higher rating but funding can be difficult. I play for the school team. Training is on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I play after school with my friends for a few hours. Also I hit in the back garden.

The Future

I recently entered the Manchester division 9 tournament to improve my rating. There are many more tournaments on the LTA website which I would like to enter, but because of lack of funding for travel and entry fees, this makes it difficult for me. The funds will enable me to enter a lot more tournaments and I know that I can then improve my rating quickly.


I was awarded badminton and tennis player of the year 2013 at my school.

I have played nine games recently and lost only one

My Coach has recently moved me up in to the "A" squad having seen "huge improvement"


Starting out as a junior player and working my way up the rankings I believe I can go all the way to the top. The funds will mean I can take the next steps to achieve my goal by purchasing all the necessary equipment and entering more tournaments. If you were able to help me at all that would be brilliant. Thank you for reading my story.