Sam Taylor

Entertainments & Arts - Dance

My goal is to dance and perform in the West end and all around the world to entertain people, and inspire others to dance


In September I am hoping to go to Professional Performing Arts College; Masters for a three year diploma course. 

This is an amazing college that will give me in-depth professional training and set me up for a later dance career. This is a private dance college and not funded by the government, meaning that I have to pay my tuition fees up front. I was very lucky to receive a scholarship from the college, however this does not cover all of my fees. 

I have to find £3000 a year as well as accommodation and living expenses. My family and I are working hard to save this amount but need to raise more to make my goal of going to college possible.


I started dancing at the age of 9 practising Breakdancing and Hip-Hop with Keith Odeje, I then started to learn ballet, contemporary at Spotlight school of dance. 

Then when I went to Amersham and Wycombe College in 2012 I started to learn Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre and singing as well as carrying on my other styles. I also go to my local gymnastics centre to learn Martial Arts tricking, which I apply to my dancing.

Current Position

In July I completed a 2 year BTEC course in performing arts, achieving three Merit grades. I have just returned home from  a weeks summer dance intensive in Holland to further my dancing ability and understanding. 

I am working through the summer to raise funds for college and am looking forward to potentially joining Masters College in September.

The Future

My short term goal is to go to Masters College in September and complete the three year diploma.

My long term goal is to be able to dance and perform in the West End and all around the world to entertain people and inspire others to dance.


I came 3rd in the UK National street dance Championships

For three years I received the most improved dancer of the year at Spotlight School of Dance.

In two different Star Power competitions I received first place in my solo and in a contemporary group piece.

I received three Merit's in my Performing Arts BTEC course


Dance is the most important thing in my life and going to Masters college is a fantastic opportunity for me to further my dance ability and career.