Sam Fox

Sports - Rugby

I am a Rugby Player and 1st XV Captain for Truro College. I aim to captain the side to Japan to compete in the Sanix World U18 Championships


With the money I am aiming to raise it would allow me to fulfil this once in a lifetime opportunity and compete in the tournament. I would be able to fully cover my costs and buy all the kit that I need to be able to fully be part of the team. The trip is an opportunity to travel to a different part of the world and play against the best players from all around the world.


From a young age I have been a keen sportsman, playing anything I could. I started playing Rugby at 6 years old, firstly at Launceston RFC before moving to Wadebridge RFC, playing 2 years of colts rugby before a step up to mens rugby this year. I have signed now for Redruth RFC, giving me the opportunity to play national league rugby. I have represented my County of Cornwall from U15 to U20 Level, competing in the County Championships. I have played for the Exeter Chiefs U18's Academy, recently playing in the final at Allianz Park against Gloucester. I have played 2 years of first team rugby at Truro College, captaining the side in my second year. I have always had a strong drive to improve and be the best I can be, and taking the opportunity to play against the best U18 players in the world is something that is going to develop me no end as a player and person.

Current Position

Currently I am studying a Sports Performance and Excellence course at Truro College. Living in Bude means I have to stay in Truro in the weeks - at some cost. From being at Truro College and training as part of the Rugby Academy I have little free time therefore it is hard to look for sponsorship and is why I am so grateful for any support I can receive. My parents are a huge part of my life, they are hugely supportive and are doing everything they can to allow me to go to Japan, taking a weight off their shoulders would be fantastic. Currently I am using my knowledge of Rugby not only to play myself but also to support other's in a junior coaching role. I have planned and led several Tag Rugby Tournaments, aiming to introduce young talent in to the game.

The Future

In the future I have short and long term goals for myself. In the short term I am aiming to raise the money I need to take me to Japan, this has included long hours of looking for sponsorship in my home town, however because of the size of many shops and the current state of the economy, donations have been limited and therefore looking elsewhere is my only choice. I have several more places to visit on my journey to look for Sponsorship however even with these, it barely puts a dent in the hefty total I need to raise overall. In the long term I am to play rugby to the highest possible standard however not being able to go to Japan and compete in this tournament would halt the opportunities that I have in the future.


Since I have been playing rugby I have represented The Exeter Chiefs U18's Academy, alongside playing 1st XV Rugby for Truro College, who compete in the AASE League. I have played for my county at U15 - U20 Level, more recently beating Kent in the Quarter Finals of the County Championships. I have represented Wadebridge Camels Mens 1st XV before more recently signing with Redruth RFC, with a chance to play national league rugby. At a younger age I played Colts and School Rugby, captaining both sides. Throughout my years playing rugby I have had many years of playing many games, gaining valuable experience every step of the way. Travelling to Japan would be an opportunity to learn more and experience more that I ever have before.

Closing Message

Travelling to Japan being asked to compete against the best U18's Rugby Talent in the World in the Sanix World Championships is stressful enough before being told you have to cover the costs of your travel, knowing that you will have limited time to go out and look for sponsors due to living in Truro in the week, working on coursework and academy training, as well as the huge opportunity you would be missing if you could not go is the reason I ask for your help. Every £5 will help me get one step closer to achieving my goal.