Owen Livesey

Sports - Martial Arts

Help me with the next step on my journey! Rio 2016 Olympic Qualification!


2 Continental Opens:

1 in Lisbon, Portugal

1 in Taillin, Estonia


I started Judo when I was 8 years old. Up till 15 years of age I combined Judo with Rugby League back home in St. Helens.  Judo then became more serious and therefore I dropped rugby and continued with the Judo.

From there I trained at SKK Judo Club in Earlestown before I moved to train full time in Dartford at 18years of age.

At this time in my life I wasn't mature or serious enough to be in a full time environment, therefore just 11 months after starting full time judo I quit the sport and took 18months out of the sport. In this time I went back to Rugby League.

I then realised I had done judo for so long I should not let all my work go to waste. So with a clear head I relocate to Camberley Judo Club in Surrey where I am living and training full time now.

Current Position

This past year has been huge for me. I relocated to Camberley 4 hours away from home and I have cracked on hard with my training. As a result of this I have won 2 European Cup medals, 2 World Cup medals, I am current British and Commonwealth Champion at -81kg's.

This success has spurred me on and now my aim is to get to Rio and perform. To do this I need I be competing in various continental Opens and Grand Prix's etc all over the world.

Judo is a self funded sport and without help with my funding this wouldn't be possible. This is the second time I have used Talent Backer and last time I used it I managed to reach my target and go to the Budapest Grand Prix.

The Future

For me right now my short term goals are to keep improving. To give 100% in training everyday and become as good as I can.

I want to gain as much success as possible in the run up to Rio 2016 which is my long term goal. My life ambition is to get to a Games and perform to the best of my ability.


Malaga European Cup - Silver

London European Cup - Bronze

Pan Amercian Open, Uruguay - Silver

Pan American Open, Argentina - Silver

British Championships - Gold

Commonwealth Games - Gold


This funding is huge to me in getting where I want to get. As I have already said judo is a self funded sport and without the funds I have very limited chance of qualifying for Rio. 

I can assure everyone I am working as hard as I can everyday here at Camberley and I hope my current success is a sign of this. Anyone that can help me on my journey.. it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!