Oliver Postle

Sports - Cycling

Represent Wales in UK and Europe. Part of Welsh Cycling Project 2018 hope to represent Wales at 2018 Commonwealth Games


The money raised will enable me to fund entry, transport and accommodation to national and european cycle races so that I am able to showcase my talent and achieve my goals.  

There are approximately 15 National events (track and road) in a year that I need to attend all across the UK involving substantial travel and accommodation costs.


Grandparents and family members have supported me financially up until now and my Dad has been my biggest inspiration having represented Wales and GB at international level in cycling in the 1990s.  I started cycling nearly 3 years ago after trying track cycling at Newport Velodrome and loved it.  Welsh Cycling have helped me along with my coach.  

I have had a couple of set backs including a broken collar bone (but I finished the race first) and this year a nasty strep infection which forced me to rest completely for a month or so (I am now back to full strength).  I have been unable to attend various training camps due to lack of funds which has been upsetting and also a couple of national stage races again due to lack of funds.

Current Position

My family support me fully, however it is difficult to fund every race so I do miss out on some important events.  

I have recently achieved top 10 in the UK in the National Track Championships, Welsh Track Champion and representing Wales at the UK School Games in September 2014.  My training is currently focused around the school games and achieving a podium position.  

My club is Bush Healthcare CRT who support me with clothing and discounted cycles however the major ongoing expense is the travel, entry and accommodation costs for the necessary events to enable me to progress and be recognised.

The Future

Short term I want to achieve a place on the GB British Cycling Apprentice Programme and ultimately the Olympic Development Programme.  I have achieved one goal this year of becoming the Welsh Omnium Champion and top ten in the National Track Championships.  The next short term goals are podium at the National Madison Championships and the UK School Games.

Longer term I want to achieve a podium next year in one or more of the national events hence the requirement for funding as I will not be able to afford to attend these events (specifically training camp in February/March 2015, Isle of Mann Youth Tour in May and North West Youth Tour also in May).  It is vital for me to feature in these events in order to be considered for the Apprentice or OD Programmes.


2014 Achievements to date

Selected to represent Wales in Belgium 15 & 16 August

Selected to represent Wales in the UK School Games in September 2014

GHS Schools TT qualification (10 mile) – 1st

Welsh Track Championships 2014 (Omnium) – 1st

Realteam TT (10 mile) – Fastest Juvenile 21:50 – 1st

Wales Open Youth Criteriums – 1st

Maindy Flyers Free Wheel Omnium League 2014 Round – 1st

Herne Hill Team Track Championships – 3rd

Cardiff Summer Criterion (2,3,4 cat) – 3rd

Youth Omnium Series (National Event qualifier) – 4th

National Track Championships – Individual Pursuit – 6th

National Track Championships – Scratch – 8th

National Track Championships – Points – 9th

National Youth Omnium Track Championships – 18th

Hillingdon Slipstreamers National Circuit Races – 24th

Maindy Flyers 1 day Youth Stage Race (National Series Event) – 20th

2013 Achievements

Mid Shropshire Wheelers Circuit Races 2 – 1st

Castle Coombe Criterion – 1st

Welsh Track Omnium – Project 2018 Road/Track Series – 2nd

Hitters Grand Prix Cardiff – 2nd

Welsh National Criterion Championships – 2nd

UCLan Sport Circuit Race Series 7 – 3rd

National Youth Circuit Race CC Giro – 6th

BC National Madison Championships Youth – 6th

North West International Youth Tour (National Points Series) – 8th Overall

BC National Youth Track Championships (Omnium) – 10th

Sleepwell Hotels Isle of Man Youth & Junior Tour 2013 – 11th Overall

National Youth Omnium League Final – 15th


It is my short term goal to gain a place on the GB Apprentice or Olympic Development Programmes in British Cycling, to enable me to do this I need to attend training camps and various national series events which require significant funding in terms of entry fees, transport and accommodation.

Raising the required funds will enable me to do my very best with my natural talent to give me every opportunity to one day represent GB and Wales in events such as the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.