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Natalie Proudlock

success story
Amount £2502

I'm pursuing a career in acting. First step is a 2-year training programme at The Poor School & I needed to raise money for my tuition fees

Undergoing the Talent Backer process was one of the best decisions of my life. I was so happy that I had gained a place at The Poor School in London as I knew my time there would help me immensely in improving my acting skills, however I couldn’t afford the tuition fees. I knew £2,500 was a large amount to raise and if I’m being honest, I was sceptical as to whether crowd funding would work at all. But within my first week, I had already starting receiving donations and by my third week, I had received a very kind and large donation! I was so overwhelmed that so many people wanted to help me succeed. The team were so helpful and encouraging during the 28 days and I can’t recommend Talent Backer enough. I’m now enjoying my time at The Poor School and improving my acting skills every day!