Kennedy Coupe

Entertainments & Arts - Dance

I am a contemporary dancer and my goal is to be able to perform around the world to encourage others to do what makes them happy


For the past 2 years I have attended a summer school LSDI (Lyrical Summer Dance Intensive) in Holland to further my dance practice. These have been the best weeks of my life and have shown me how important dance is to me in every part of my life. 

This year I have been invited to Holland to train for a week with the Samadhi Dance Company as well as being invited to attend LSDI again. This is an amazing opportunity to further my practice, as my dream is to be a part of the Samadhi Dance Company, and make young children feel inspired to follow their dreams like they do. 

The money I raise will go directly to paying the fees for these two amazing opportunities.


I have always danced since the age of 2. Starting with Latin American at the local community centre, to now studying dance and professional practice at the University of Bedfordshire. 

I always saw dance as a hobby, until I realised at the age of 15 how important dance was in my life as a way of expressing my emotion, keeping fit, and inspiring others. This realisation was due to being inspired by Gopi Keilman my dance teacher at Spotlight School of Dance. 

I now participate in Advanced 1 Pointe and Ballet, and advanced contemporary classes on a weekly basis with Gopi, as well as attending my full time dance course at university. 

I have also voluntarily taught dance multiple times for students with a range of ages and learning abilities. My most rewarding experience was when I volunteered for a year at Garston Manor School whilst completing my A-levels. I taught students with varied learning difficulties, but through dance I helped them find new talents, skills and happiness.

Through my studies I now appreciate that dance can do so much for individuals fitness/ confidence/ mental health/ independence and self-esteem, and promote this in my practice.

Current Position

Dance overall is a very expensive, due to travel, paying for classes, and costumes. I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given, but as a student at university who has to fund travelling of 100 miles a day, funding is something that will really help make my goals achievable. 

The week with Samadhi Dance Company and the week in the LSDI will really aid the development of my practice and compliment my studies at university.

The Future

My short term goals are to:

Assistant teach with Gopi Keilman to further my skills in dance and to help other students to reach their goals. 

To be able to go to Holland to further my practice and be inspired by incredibly talented dancers 

My long term goals include:

Passing my degree at university 

Teaching for multiple dance school to pass on my teachings and appreciations of dance

Open up my own dance school 

My ultimate goal is to become a member of the Samadhi dance company 

The opportunity that raising this money will give me will aid me to complete some of these goals, and put me in a strong position to achieve the others.


At school I received awards for 'Dancer of the Year' and 'Most Improved Dancer'. 

In 2012 the contemporary class I attend with Gopi Keilman  won multiple awards at Star Power Dance Competition, for 'best over 16s contemporary performance' and 'best in your category'. 

In the annual Spotlight show this year I received an award to commend my improvement, commitment and enthusiasm. 

I have also just completed my second year at university with A grades in my practical work. Through the Summer before 3rd year I really want to further my dance practice to push myself to become a more versatile and technical dancer.


Dance is not only my passion, but has become my life! 

Without these opportunities it makes my goals a lot harder to achieve. I really want to be able to take advantage of all the opportunities I am offered as I always want to expand my understanding and knowledge in dance.

Thank you for reading my story.