Kagan Rose

Sports - Tennis

I am a very talented tennis player, and my goal is to become a professional tennis player or a tennis coach in the future


I would like the money to purchase two BABOLAT tennis racquets, tennis clothing, and for private tennis coaching.


I attended a play scheme at the age of ten, and I was brought to Manchester tennis centre one day to play, where the head coach of the club spotted me and recommended I continue pursuing tennis as I had a natural ability. I have taken his advice and now I play in all the AEGON tournaments. I also play ratings matches and I play tennis for my school. The two main people that help me through are my mum and Elverine Fletchman. I have difficulties in affording to buy tennis racquets and as I am growing my tennis clothes are getting too small for me. 


My current rating is 8.1 and I have to get to 7.1 by the end of this summer, so I have to travel to a lot of tournaments to reach my target. I will be traveling to places including Bolton Arena for the grand prix, Wigan tennis open, Virgin Lancashire tennis open and Manchester Northern grand prix.


I am planning to continue playing tennis straight through to university and rank in the top twenty in the world and also represent Great Britain.


We played against three clubs this month and we won all our matches. The final match was on the 12 of May 2013 and I won 6-0 and that moved us up from division 2 to division one come next year. I have also received a bronze award from Manchester champion’s charter dated 22/04/2013.


Thank you so much for your help. I promise to do my best at all times and make your donation worthwhile.