Kadeena Cox

Sports - Athletics

I am a sprinter who's highest national rank was 4th. I was recently diagnosed with MS and am trying my hardest to get back on track


To be able to achieve my goals I will need kit (spikes, trainers, clothing), travel and accommodation cost both in England and abroad, entry fees, along with facilities fees and the cost of travelling to classification medicals and meetings.


I started athletics when a school hockey coach suggested I go to a spar sprints challenge from which I was selected onto the programme at age 15. I then joined up with Leeds City AC where I competed for 8 years. 

My notable achievements while at the club were representing Leeds City, North of England at British universities in international comps. I was always plagued by injury though. I am not from a well off family, so I spent the years before I could drive making the 45 minute journey on the bus to training, I also missed some vital competitions cause I was unable to pay for the travel & accommodation. 

More recently I joined Sale Harriers (2012) and ran new personal bests each season but again failed to break into the international scene due to injuries holding me back.

2014 has been a hard year for me, but each battle I fought head on. 

On 20/05/14 after competing at the Loughborough International, I was rushed to hospital after experiencing some odd symptoms and I was diagnosed with a stroke. I worked hard to recover as I was trying to get onto a bob skeleton talent programme (UKSport).  I went to Bath and had a great day of testing for the programme (fastest female sprint and push track times) and was selected for the next 2 stages but failed the medical and was unable to continue. This was heart breaking news but I dusted myself off and put all my emotions and drive towards my first passion (sprinting). 

I found myself back training at the front of my group. It had been less than 4 months and I’d recovered fully.

Then came a massive blow. I was rushed to hospital again on the morning of 18/09/14 with another suspected stroke but I was told I was mis-diagnosed in May and I actually had MS. After letting it sink in for a few seconds the doctor asked if we “had any questions” and both mine and my mum’s first response was “can I/she still run?”. It was at this point I realised athletics was my life and I still have so many dreams and goals to achieve.

Current Position

I am currently trying to recover from a MS relapse but once I am back healthy I want to get back on track and have a good winter training block in the hope that this will set me up for a good summer season.

The Future

In the short term I would like to have an injury free season and set some personal bests.

Long term I would like to go to Rio whether this be for the Olympics or Paralympics.



West Yorkshire school champion (100m &200m)

Northern indoor bronze medallist (60m)


West Yorkshire school champion (100m & 200m)

Yorkshire champion (100m & 200m)


Northern silver medallist (100m & 200m)

National finalist (200m)

Selected to represent Yorkshire at inter county champs


Northern silver medallist (200m)

Selected to represent Yorkshire at inter county champs


British university champs (bronze indoor 60m, outdoor bronze 100m & 200m)

Selected to represent British universities at Loughborough international.

Northern champion (200m)

England champion finalist

Selected to represent Yorkshire at inter county champs

Broke club records that had stood for over 30 years (60m/200m)


Finalist in all major champs

County silver medallist (400m)

Northern champs silver medallist (200m)


Northern indoor bronze (2014)


So many people have seen my diagnosis as a negative but I haven’t! 

It’s given me closure and I know I have a diagnosis with which I can move forward and get the right treatment to keep me well so I can strive towards my goals. Having this funding would mean so much to me and enable me to continue on this journey to my dream goal of Rio. 

Please help me get there.