Joey Davies

Sports - Triathlon/Duathlon

GB Triathlete aiming for a Top 5 finish at the Europeans and Top 20 at an Elite Junior European Cup


With the money raised, I intend to use it to fund the Europeans, in Geneva, and it will also allow me to race International Elite Junior Cups. As well as allowing me to finish building my bike and fund my races across the UK.


I have always been a sporty child. At primary school I tried everything: Hockey, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Running, Swimming and a lot more! Some I loved and others not so much. 

I've been swimming all my life, at 2 years old I started swimming lessons at the local pool and loved it more and more. By 7 years old I was swimming at Canterbury Swimming Club and I was swimming for Kent when I was 10. The team was great and really supportive of each other! I'm still swimming with some of those guys and we're still as close as ever!

I was always running around at primary school, whenever I wasn't in a lesson I'd always be running around with a football or cricket ball. But I'd never thought of running by itself. That all changed in year 7...I was cycling and swimming regurlarly when one of the teachers at the school was starting up a triathlon club. I went a long thinking it would be good fun and it was! We did 10x400m and I was exhausted but hooked on the sport! I just wanted to run more and more.

It was not until I was 14 (3 years later) that I did my first triathlon. I was racing in baggy shorts and a mountain bike, I was first out of the water but quickly over taken by others on road bikes (worth 10x my bike!). I still carried on and eventually finished. I finished in the bottom half but I was hooked! The next year I came back and finished 3rd in that event.

In late 2013 and early 2014, I broke my arm, I was out for 12 weeks, I came back then I broke my elbow and was out for another 8 weeks! I still trained (on the turbo trainer) and managed to qualify for the 2014 World Triathlon Championships in Canada and the 2015 European Triathlon Championships in Geneva.

Current Position

The support I have is amazing! Everyone that helps me, thank you, I really do appreciate it. The guys at Ocean Lake Triathlon have been fantastic, helping me to reach my targets. The guys behind the scene have been great, helping with simple things like bike maintenance through to more complicated things such as coaching and nutrition! My biggest fans, my mum and dad, have supported all the time and without their support I would not be where I am today. Thank you guys!

However, triathlon is a very expensive sport and there is not much funding so it all comes down to my parents and I. I train every day, often getting up very early or training late in the night so I am able to study for my A levels and train the amount I need to. However, as I get better I need to go to bigger competitions that are further away and often abroad. This places a lot more pressure on my family and I. As my parents are not in the position to write out checks for all my competitions (even though I'm sure they would if they could!), the funding comes down to me. I do work two part time jobs to help support myself but this is currently not enough. I do work a part time job as a swim teacher to support myself but that is currently not enough! I hope one day to make triathlon a full time career at an elite level!

The Future

My goals for 2015 are to podium at both the European Triathlon Championships and also the European Duathlon Championships. I will be training very hard to make sure I can race as an Elite in the British Super Series next year! 

My long term goal is to do Great Britain proud. World Championships, Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games are the targets.

"It always seems impossible, until it's done." Nelson Mandela


Qualified for the European Triathlon Champs

Qualified for the European Duathlon Champs

Qualified for the World Triathlon Champs

Qualified for the World Duathlon Champs

Race CV-

Gravesend Winter Duathlon- 1st

Hole Park MTB Duathlon- 1st

Mini Marshman Triathlon- 1st

Nottingham Triathlon- 2nd

Leeds Castle Triathlon- 1st

Big Cow (British Champs)- 2nd

Ocean Lake Aquathlon- 2nd

Bexhill Triathlon- 2nd

World Aquathlon Champs -18th

World Triathlon Champs- 61st

British Aquathlon Champs- 3rd

Gravesend Triathlon- 1st

Althorp Duathlon- 2nd

Gravesend Charity Duathlon- 1st

Closing Message

Raising the funds to race for Great Britain as an Elite and to help me race the Europeans would be a dream come true for me. I would be so grateful to all that helped support me! Thank you for reading this and thank you in advance! :)