Jack Haslam

Sports - Other

I am a 19 year old diver who represents Great Britain at international level. Current 1 metre national champion.


I am hoping to raise money towards going to the World Student Games in South Korea in the summer which will cost £2175. I am aiming for £1175. This will help me step up to the next level and be able to compete in the highest standard competition I have competed in so far in my career.


Started diving at the age of 7 after being spotted by a coach during swimming lessons. Train at Ponds Forge 6 days per week. Also a student at the University of Sheffield, studying Accounting and Financial Management after leaving school with A*AA in my A levels. Challenging managing both a full time university course and full time training. I didn't compete for 3 years between 2010 and 2013 due to a stress fracture on my lower spine sustained during my training. This meant I wasn't allowed to do any physical activity for 2 years at all to let it heal. This meant it was very challenging to get back to the level that I am at now however I have since won Junior European and Junior International titles and medals and recently Senior national and international medals and titles. Family and coaches have been very important along with medical staff, other support staff and ex school teachers in helping me get to my current level.

Current Position

I am part of the City of Sheffield Diving Club where I train full time at Ponds Forge International Venues. I am currently still living at home with my parents and as well as training full time, I am doing a degree at the University of Sheffield. I also do a small amount of coaching to some of the young up and coming divers. I have reached the international level with my diving, competing for Great Britain on numerous occasions as a junior and now as a senior diver. I take part in competitions all over the country as well as in other countries.

The Future

My goals are to compete at the highest level in diving at the major events such as the World Championships and the Olympics (hopefully competing at the World Student Games and the European Championships this year will be a stepping stone to this). The World Student Games which I am aiming to raise some money towards is the third highest level competition in diving behind the Olympics and World Championships.


2015 British Championships - 1 metre GOLD, 3 metre BRONZE and 3 metre synchro BRONZE. Qualified for World Student Games, European Championships and FINA Grand Prix.

2014 FINA Diving Grand Prix Bolzano - 3 metre synchro BRONZE.

2013 Junior European Championships - 3 metre synchro SILVER.

2013 Junior Dresden International - GOLD.

2013 Junior Nationals - GOLD

Previous years - Multiple Junior National Titles, Junior European Medallist.

GCSE - 3 A*'s, 8 A's and a B.

A Levels - A*AA.

Closing Message

Raising these funds will mean I can compete at the highest level competition yet in my career of the World Student Games and can learn and improve from this to hopefully lead on to Olympic level.