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Help a #quantummechanics script leap off the page onto its feet by paying a professional team a fair rate for script development


We are really excited to announce that Julia McShane of Ugly Sister Productions has agreed to be our director for the script development day, if we teach our target.

Julia is a member of the Young Vic directors' network and has directed for Old Vic New Voices, Bristol Old Vic, Assembly Rooms, The New End Hampstead, Southwark Playhouse and Theatre 503. She's also a guest director at Goldsmiths University and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

With her and David on board, this is really shaping up. Massive thanks to the many, many pledgers so far.

Please help us reach as many as possible to reach our target by the deadline! Just like in quantum physics, every little bit is vitally important!

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We (Gill Kirk & David Lane) want to work with - and pay - a professional director and actors to test this exciting script to destruction, before rebuilding it even bigger and better.

It'll then be in a great position to be submitted to theatres and, hopefully, take on a life of its own.

The funds will pay for a full day's work, and hopefully for some rehearsal space for that day. Any extra would be on spent on photocopying the script and travel expenses.


Gill Kirk & David Lane have worked together on several of Gill's scripts - from the surreal, reality TV horror short "Everyone Loves A Story" at Theatre Royal Bath's Ustinov Studio and upper-middle class family disaster "Water's Not So Thick" in 2010, to baby boomer nightmare "An Anaesthetic for Birthdays" (also, Ustinov 2011).

Both have since produced human offspring and changed how they work: David, doing more writing and less academic work; Gill, developing her style through screenwriting training with Channel 4.

When this strange creature of a script began its odd life (written in a very unusual, new way for Gill), it was natural she would call on superhero ScriptMan - aka David.

While she's clambered through the branches of this unusual script, he's stood firmly on the ground and pointed out the weird fruit that's within reach.

And here we are today ...

Current Position

The writer, Gill Kirk, has been working professionally for several years.

A graduate of Channel 4's prestigious 4Screenwriting scheme, she's been commissioned by the Theatre Royal Bath (Ustinov and egg) and worked with theatre companies across the South West, in Glasgow and London. She's represented by Berlin Associates.

The Future

This new play is all about "what ifs": - What if you'd smiled? What if you'd said yes? What if you'd said no?

Two people in many different worlds meet again and again: their worst and best selves. This is a new play: shocking, unnerving, warm and worrying. It's for everyone who ever wondered.

But the writer's already paid for professional support and the purse isn't overflowing. Any help you can give will help pay professionals for their work on a vitally important development day.

And THAT "what if" could help turn this play from a file on a computer into a key moment in the lives of thousands.


Shortlisted: BBC Frank Deasey Award 2013
Shortlisted: International Screenwriting Goldmine Award 2013
One of 12 writers (from 3200) selected for Channel 4's 4Screenwriting scheme 2012

    Professional productions:
    Passion, Old Red Lion Theatre 2012;
    Black Barn, LOST Theatre 2012;
    Away With the Fairies, Alma Tavern, Bristol 2012;
    Passion, (Eddie King), Tobacco Factory Theatre 2011;
    Water's Not So Thick, Rondo Theatre, Bath 2011 / Ustinov, Bath 2010 and Tobacco Factory Theatre Script Space winner 2009;
    Everyone Loves A Story, Ustinov 2010;
    The King Was In His Counting House, Hampstead Red Hedgehog / Bristol Folkhouse 2010.


Any help you can give will make a massive difference to what happens to this play next. You can help us find the holes, the weak spots, the missed opportunities and even the best bits! By doing that with professionals, I can make sure that this script is the best it can be before I ask theatres to take it seriously.

Thanks very much for reading - and please feel free to share this page!