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I am a talented, aspiring graphic designer and my objective is to build a successful clothing business in order to further develop my craft


23rd July 2014 - Thanks to raising these funds I was able to get my first set of t-shirts and badges. I've also bought equipment for my illustrations and I've progressed a lot since the start of the year. 

Talent Backer is a different service that many people wouldn't think could benefit them but it really is worth a try for anyone of any age and talent. It has given me the boost and incentive to keep moving forward. Since my talent was the first and a little different from what is seen on the site, I am currently in the situation where my hobby is now becoming a career path. 

Again thanks to Talent Backer, I was able to proceed further in something that I was interested and had a talent in!


With funding, I will be able to build the basis of my brand with camera/ studio equipment such as lighting and backdrops. The funding will also go to equipment I will need for my office set-up such as graphics tablets and drawing utilities. 

My goal is to set out the foundation of the company where I could then improve my skills in graphic design whilst also being able to learn about other helpful skills in web design, photography and videography. Furthermore, the funding will pay for travel and entry costs to events that occur around London, where I can network and meet experienced graphic designers who may be able to give advice and at best, offer me an opportunity to work with them.


I first studied graphic design in school in 2011 where I began to learn the basics. I began to grow interest for the topic and often looked forward to the lessons and work set out for us. After receiving several rewards at school for my work in graphics, I realised that  I would have some potential in making this area into a career. 

Only in the early months of 2014 have I found a strong passion for graphic design, I wanted to put my skills to work and began using skills I learnt to sketch and edit images from ideas inspired by a private joke between friends. Eventually, I realised that the designs appealed to my friends and found an opportunity to start a business whilst exploring new graphic design techniques.

In order to get to where I am now, I was constantly pressured by friends and family to search for what I wanted to pursue as a career. Only through the support of friends and family was I able to realise what I was capable of achieving and your support would assist me further to achieving my goals and ambitions for the brand.

Current Position

Along with using my talent to design new graphics for clothing such as t-shirts, I am also learning about web design and photography techniques whilst creating the basic content for the company website. 

The early stages of the company has helped me gain insight on the difficulties of starting up a brand/company. 

The issue with the creation of a business are the starting costs, website components and new computer equipment are often pricey, meaning I am limited to working with what I have instead of being able to work and learn efficiently. Without an income, it is often difficult having to wait to save up some cash in order to buy new equipment and go to events that would inspire my design work.

The Future

One of my main goals is to fully establish the brand. With this in place, I can continuously work on my graphic design, photography and videography skills outside of school whilst being able to earn money for my productions.

In the long run I aim to expand the brand, work with experienced designers and expanding the product range. 

With the funding, I am able to concentrate more on developing my skills without having to worry about monetary issues. I would also be further motivated to deliver a higher quality and strongly established brand, knowing that people are supporting and backing my work/ talent.


I received several awards for achieving high grades and producing high quality work in secondary school.

In addition to my school achievements, I gained top marks for my coursework in the Graphic Design course I studied in years 2012-2013.

I have also worked for TheDesignClub where we came in contact with talented graphic designers across the globe to talk about their journeys as graphic designers.

In summer of 2013, I created a gaming blog/website that I wrote for and had built up an audience. Each post had gained at least 1000+ views and was where I had learnt my skills to build my own website.


As a driven and ambitious young individual, I believe that with the funding I am able to reach my full potential in improving my skills in graphic design, whilst building up a business which will eventually expand in the future. Building the clothing brand not only allows me to explore new areas in graphic design, but I also am able to expand my skills through web design, photography and videography. 

Through this brand/business I have access to endless possibilities, with the support of the funding I will be able to take the next steps in building my company. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.