Ethan Evans

Sports - Swimming

I am a very active competitive swimmer, I compete at Regional level at the moment and my goal is to get my first ever National time soon


I want to keep up with my swimming at the highest level and if I am able to get funding this will help me to achieve and aim higher than ever. 

I am very committed to my swimming and I want my career to continue for many years to come. My goal is to become one of the best swimmers in the country and one day I want to compete internationally. I am very dedicated and focused enough to do this but I know this is very expensive. 

If I obtain funding this will help my mum to pay for me to enter all the swimming competitions available to me and I am hoping to consult with a nutritionist and other professionals to help keep my fitness levels up to a high standard. I want to help my mum as she works hard to pay for everything at the moment and it is very expensive to do this. She gives up all her time and money and I want to help ease the financial burden on her if I can.  I travel to lots of competitions at the moment and travel, hotels and equipment means my mum has to sacrifice lots of things.  Any help would be great for me and my mum.


When I was eight years old I was involved in a very serious accident (a hit and run) I was coming out of school with my mum and was hit by a car. The driver didn't stop. I suffered very serious injuries, a broken jaw, damaged to my teeth and I have to attend lots and lots of appointments to try and save my teeth, this will be ongoing for many years to come. A few days after the accident I was in terrible pain and had serious case of whiplash and this was so painful. Then I had to have surgery to my lips because they were also damaged quite badly in this accident. I also damaged my knees and had to have lots of physiotherapy. I used to love playing football but this continued to place great pressure on my joints and I was forced to quit playing football. 

I concentrated on swimming to help me recover and I am doing amazingly well at swimming. My favourite stroke is butterfly and I know I am very good at this. I have just turned 12 so have not yet competed as a 12 year old but when i was 11 I was ranked as one of the best fly swimmers in 100m and 200m in the country. 

One day I hope to become a national champion and go on to break british records, maybe even world records but I realise this may take many years to achieve. I am determined so I believe I will do this. The main aim is to one day make the GB swimming team and hopefully compete on the olympic stage. 

I believe with any funding these opportunities with be there for me to grab but I know my mum pays a lot of money and she sacrifices a lot for me to do this, but as I get better it becomes more expensive and I want to get better but I don't want my mum to struggle.

Current Position

I am currently in high school. I started in September and I am in the gifted and talented groups for all of my subjects. I find that this comes naturally to me, my maths teacher says I am very clever which makes me happy. I am always well behaved in school and I want to get a great education and at the same time become a better swimmer. I know I can do both but my mum says I have to be committed to both swimming and school and I am. I want to make her proud and I know she is very proud.

It costs around £4,000 per year for me to train and compete at my current level and this includes equipment, travel, accommodation, entry fees etc so any help would go a long way. 

I have won so many medals in swimming and I love to compete - I really want to continue to swim and any funding I receive will be a huge help to me, this way I can access any specialised equipment and can attend specialised training camps to help make me better.

The Future

I am already achieving Lancashire county times, regional swimming times, and now I am aiming to get my national times. I am only 1.65 seconds away from my first national time for 100m butterfly, then I want to get my 200m butterfly time. 

I would love to win medals in any of the Lancashire, Regional or National competitions. The travelling to all these competitions and entering them all is very expensive and my mum pays for everything but I know she misses out on a lot of things so she can pay for me and my little sister so we can do the things we are good at. She pays for hotels so I can enter the higher levels competitions and I want to get funding so I can carry on swimming and my mum will not have to worry about the cost. She works hard and has now gone back to university full time so she doesn't have a lot of spare money.


I like to think my biggest achievement so far is the swimming success I have had up to now.  But I also have another big achievement that is fundraising for charity. 

So far I have raised £11,000 for charity and I am raising money for a children's hospice at the moment. I raised £500 when I was in junior school for new sports equipment. Then my mums friends son got leukaemia and I wanted to raise money for the cancer ward that was treating this boy. I raised almost £5000 for royal Manchester children's hospital. I them raised over £5,000 for St Ann's hospice they looked after my Nannie who died before I was born but I wanted to do this because even though I have never met her I love her a lot because my family talk about her all the time and they said the hospice looked after her before she died. I also want to help children who attend the hospices and that is why I am now raising money for them. 

I hope I can always raise money and I use my swimming talent to do this because I do charity fundraising swims alongside other things that my family help me with. I love to help other people and if I can fundraise then this makes me happy. I am very lucky after my accident and I want to help people that are not as lucky as me.

Closing Message

I want to see if anyone can help me to continue on my journey within swimming. 

I love to swim and I know I will make it as a very successful swimmer and I am very good now and I know I am going to be really good. I want to continue getting better and any target funds will help me to do this. I will continue to help others and I hope I can get some help myself along the way. 

Thank you for reading my story.