Music - Dance

Brendan Conway

success story
Amount £500

A talented dancer using his performances to push the message "GET GUNS OFF OUR STREETS” in memory of Rhys Jones

Talent Backer is a great way of raising money towards your goals. However, my campaign wasn’t just to improve my dancing, I also wanted to spread an important message which is ‘Get guns off the streets’. My dance workshops, designed around that message, are in memory and honour of Rhys Jones who was shot in Liverpool back in 2007 when he was only 11 years old. Unfortunately, I had limited funds and therefore it was looking like I would never get to honour Rhys’ memory. That’s when I received an email about Talent Backer and I’m so glad I did. The team are so helpful and they were really supportive of my cause. I raised £400 which has gone towards my travel expenses so I can now spread my message even further across the Country. Thank you Talent Backer. I would recommend the service to anyone.