How to raise funds with crowdfunding on Talent Backer

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    The most important part of a successful funding campaign is you.

    Your Story Page is the opportunity to showcase your talent and explain to potential backers how the funding will enable you to achieve a specific goal in relation to your talent. A short video and photographs will help bring your story to life, while a brief history and current profile brings that personal touch. Details of your achievements will help convince backers that you have the talent to succeed. Try and write your story in an interesting and informative way and ask a friend or colleague to look over it before submitting.

    Make sure your funding target is realistic and is directly related to a specific goal. Remember that you have to reach your funding target to receive any of the money. Some examples of a specific goal are additional equipment, specialist coaching, use of facilities, competition entry and travel, exhibitions, studio time etc. Talent Backer is not there for things like normal living expenses, lifestyle choices or spending money!

    Finally, be creative in your choice of rewards. Things that are directly related to your talent work best. For example, a signed tennis ball, copy of cd, piece of artwork, performance tickets, invite to an exhibition etc. These are just suggestions and you will want to increase the rewards for larger backers. Just make sure that you can fulfill them once you have reached your funding target and don't forget to take account of the cost of supply, postage etc.

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    From the moment your campaign begins, you have 28 days to raise your target funds so it is important to get the message across quickly and strongly.

    The more people that know about your talent and goal, the better the chance you have of achieving your funding target. Using social media such as Twitter and Facebook will spread your story far and wide. This is a joint effort between you and the team here at Talent Backer. We will help you get the message across to all your friends and followers and encourage them to “spread the word” to their contacts and so on. In addition, Talent Backer has a strong presence across all social media so that we can reach out well beyond your own circles.

    Regular updates are essential to keep the momentum going so tell us about any activities, competitions, training, rehearsals, exhibitions etc that happen during this 28 day period and we will make sure everyone knows about them!

    As the pledges start to roll in, give them a thank you tweet or a mention on facebook and remember that big push in the last few days to make sure your target is reached.

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    At the end of 28 days you will hopefully have reached (and maybe exceeded!) your funding target. Talent Backer will arrange to transfer the net funds in to your bank account and confirm details of your backers.

    You now have 2 very important jobs. Firstly make sure that all rewards are fulfilled and secondly, don't forget to let everyone know that you have achieved your target.

    You can now get that new piece of equipment, record that album, enter that competition, organize that exhibition or do whatever you needed the funds for in the first place.

    Talent Backers love to hear about how you got on after you have raised the funds so remember to continue to provide regular updates through social media etc and please let us know how the funds have helped you to further your talent. Your story will encourage other talented people to raise money in this way and will also inspire future Talent Backers to provide the financial support that is so badly needed.