How to raise funds with Talent Backer

Running a fundraising campaign on Talent Backer is simple and straightforward. Just follow the step-by-step process in the "Need Funding" section of the web site. You will also want to read through our "Campaign Guide" together with the helpful articles in the "Talent School" section.

How much does Talent Backer Charge?

Talent Backer charges a commission of 10% of all funds raised if your target is reached. This includes all payment processing costs that are typically between 2% and 4%. Should your campaign not reach it’s target, there are no fees or commission payable.

Why do I need to set a target amount?

Fundraising on Talent Backer is always for a specific goal that requires a fixed amount of money. Generally speaking, if your target amount is not raised then your goal cannot be achieved.

What happens if my target is not reached?

If your target is not reached, no money changes hands and there are no fees or commission payable.

If I receive direct donations, can I add these to my total?

Talent Backer understands that some people, particularly friends and family, may make donations in the form of cash or cheques. These "direct" donations can be added to your campaign through the "my account" section of the website. Please remember that for successful campaigns, the commission charge of 10% is payable on all funds raised including direct donations.

Why does the campaign only last 28 days?

In our experience, 4 weeks is the ideal period of time for you to raise money through Talent Backer. It is long enough to establish a campaign and reach out to backers but also short enough to be dynamic and create some urgency and pace within the campaign.

Can I raise money for anything?

Your campaign must have a specific goal for the funds to be raised. This has to relate to your talent and should be clearly outlined on your story page. Please refer to our "Campaign Guide" for further information.

Why do I need to offer rewards to backers?

Rewards are an important way of saying "thank-you" to your backers. Wherever possible, they should relate directly to your talent. See "Campaign Guide" for further information.

Do I have to include photographs and a video on my story page?

Research shows that campaigns that include photographs and a video are twice as likely to reach their target amount as those that don’t. Talent Backer requests that, as a minimum, you upload three photographs. A video is optional but is recommended. For further information, please refer to our "Campaign Guide".

Can I raise money more than once through Talent Backer?

Yes, of course. As long as each campaign is for a specific goal related to your talent, you can raise funds through Talent Backer as many times as you want.

Can we raise money as a team?

Yes. When completing your story page, you will have the option of selecting a "project or team name" which will then be displayed instead of your individual name. It is often easier to raise money as a team because you will have a larger network of friends and family to get you started.

How will I get people to donate money to me?

You will need to be as active as possible on social media and use every opportunity to let people know about your campaign on Talent Backer. Even before your campaign starts, make sure that you tell everyone why you are raising money and don’t be afraid to ask for their support. In addition to supporting you directly, it is important that you ask everyone to "spread the word" on your behalf. For a lot more information please refer to our "Campaign Guide".

What sort of people will donate money to me?

Most campaigns begin with pledges from close family and friends and then move on to your social and other networks. Talent Backer also reaches out to the wider public through our website and social media interactions. External backers can be people who are involved in the same area of Sport, Entertainment, Arts etc or just interested people from your local area who wish to help.

Will I know how much I have raised through out the campaign?

Each time you get a pledge, we will send you an e-mail to confirm it. In addition, by logging in to your account you will be able to see all your pledges and a running total against your target.

Will I know who has pledged money to me?

During the campaign, you will be given the name of each person who has pledged money to you unless they have asked to remain anonymous. On completion of your campaign, assuming you have hit your target, you will be given full details of your backers so that you can fulfil your rewards.

How quickly will I get the money if I am successful?

At the end of a successful campaign, we will process all the card payments from backers. Assuming there are no issues with the payments, you can expect to receive your funds within 7 days by bank transfer.

Can I change my target during the campaign?

No. The target is set at the beginning of the campaign and cannot be changed.

What happens if I reach my target early?

Many successful campaigns achieve their target amount well before the end of 28 days. If this is the case, the campaign continues and further pledges can be made to take the amount over target. The additional funds can be used for any purpose directly related to your talent.