Sport crowdfunding - Reach your potential and achieve your goals

What is crowdfunding?

Traditionally raising money for a project or goal involved finding a few people or organisations willing to invest a large sum of money. Crowdfunding is an alternative fund raising model that allows you to reach more people, more easily and for greater returns. Talent Backer gives you the tools to tell your story, reach thousands of potential backers and collect their donations.

Crowdfunding for sports works

Whether you are a commonwealth gold medallist, amateur triathlete or champion cyclist crowdfunding can help ambitious, motivated sports people and teams reach their goals. Our successful sporting talents come from all sorts of different amateur and professional sports, but they all share the same desire to succeed.

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    Owen Livesey

    Martial Arts

    This Commonwealth Gold medalist was so impressed with the results of crowdfunding he has successfully run two campaigns with Talent Backer.

  • After recently being diagnosed with MS, Kadeena's campaign helped her get back on track, gathering huge support through her story.

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    Leah Peploe


    Leah's success is a great example of how to make social media really work for you when crowdfunding.

  • Crowdfunding: "It's mad to think that if all of my twitter followers alone were to donate just £1, the funds raised would support me through to next year."

Why Talent Backer?

Crowdfunding requires hard work and determination, but by using crowdfunding with Talent Backer you get the following benefits:

  • Efficient You save time by only telling your story once. We give you the tools to publish and manage your story online.
  • Reach The power of social media with Talent Backer amplifies your story and has the potential to reach 1000's of people.
  • Trust We provide a secure and trusted payment gateway that allows your supporters to donate money easily.
  • Control Your account with Talent Backer will allow to monitor your progress and make any tweaks to your campaign that are needed.
  • Support We know how a successful works and we will be there to support you from the start.

If you have a talent and the drive to succeed but a lack of funding is holding you back then Talent Backer is for you!

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