Talent Backer was formed in 2012 to bring the benefits of crowd funding to talented people in the worlds of Sport, Music, Entertainment and The Arts.

There are thousands of talented people who have the drive and ability to succeed but are held back due to a lack of funds. Specialist equipment, competition travel and entry, hire of facilities, professional coaching, production costs etc, the list is endless but the one thing they all have in common is that they cost money. Talented people, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds, are often forced to give up their dreams as they do not have the necessary funds to progress in their chosen field.

Yet we know there are people out there who are willing to help.

Raising £5,000 may seem a daunting prospect but if 200 people are willing to pledge just £25 then the target is reached. That is the power of crowd-funding. A lot of people with a small amount of money can combine to make a much larger pot of money and together they can help talented individuals or groups to fulfill their potential. Talent Backer provides a platform to bring these people together.

In addition to the obvious satisfaction of “making a difference”, backers also receive a reward as a “thank-you” from their chosen talent. This will often be a very individual and personal reward that will be a constant reminder of the valuable contribution that the backer has made. In the end, however, there can be no greater reward than following your chosen talent as they progress in their field knowing that you played a large part in their success.

Talent backer is keen to promote healthy competition and allow backers to decide who is deserving of funding. For that reason, the funding target for each talent has to be reached or no money changes hands.

Talent Backer - Giving Talent a Chance


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